• A highly intensive child who delivers value through innovative style and creative ideas.
  • To spread winners approach and positive values in all spheres of life; personal, academical, business and professional for our clients, our associates and for our team.


  • Committed to deliver value for client business and to get rewarded for value additions.
  • To keep Integrity, objectivity and transparency as core values of GJC.
  • To strictly adhere to professional ethics in anything we do.
  • Celebrate success stories and take complete responsibility for our failures or mistakes.


  • To remain young and enthusiastic in spirit.
  • To remain dynamic, honest & trustworthy in action.
  • To establish GJC as a Team of professionals that deliver Quick, Quality Solutions.
  • To create a work culture of self-learning for our team, and of knowledge sharing and value adding for our client and associates.
  • To be one hassle-free single-service-point for clients, making clients feel like home.


  • To understand every brick of client business, the aim is to ensure highest client satisfaction.
  • To be proactive and receptive to client management for their business needs
  • To streamline business issues with business goals
  • To ensure concrete compliance for client through a logical system that serves indefinitely and works flawlessly