• Fund Raising Services
  • Arranging funds for short-term, medium term or long term business needs through Banks, NBFCs, Financial Intermediaries or Strategic Partnership
  • Arranging Structured Finances like PE, Factoring, Forfeiting, Reverse Mortgage, Buyer’s Credit
  • Financial Analysis - Financial Feasibility Studies
    • DCF Workings & NPV Calculations
    • Sensitivity Analysis
    • Stress Testing
  • Detailed Project Reports
  • (Technical sections are attend through professionals of respective disciplines like engineers, technocrats etc.)
  • Business Plans
  • Investor Information Memorandum
  • Evaluation & Identification of Strategic fits for M&A
    • Forward Integration
    • Backward Integration

Valuations & Due Diligence

  • Valuations i.r.t.
    • Equity / Shares / Business Valuations
    • Intangibles like Brand, Goodwill, License Rights, Technology Rights, Carbon Credits,
    • Under contractual arrangements
    • For Insurance Claims i.e. Loss of profit / loss of assets etc.
    • Financial instruments under Indian GAAP/IFRS
    • As per guidelines of SEBI, FEMA etc
  • Financial and Legal Due Diligence for
    • Strategic investments
    • PE Investments
    • Business restructuring
    • Entry/Exit Schemes
  • Evaluation & Selection of Financial Options like Equipment Finance, Term Loans, Foreign Currency Loans, ECBs etc.