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Our ideology is of a child, who is always innovative in style, highly intensive to deliver
values through creative ideas and always glides towards
the objectives in mind.


Enterprising is nothing but you. If you smile, people around you smile. If you burst out, you get it in return. It's your greatest reflection, a mirror which may trespass your image for sometime and then it bounces back so muscular. At Gautam Joshi & Co.LLP, (Firm Registration No.: 130037W/W100811) wherever we go and whatever we do, we leave our own impressions.

In 2009, first global financial crises of 20th Century came into limelight. It was tough time for practicing professionals. Even Global Firms of Repute recognized the impact of global downturn. However, every crisis brings opportunities with challenges; difficulties are openings of a great beginning.

On 24th July being his birthday, CA. Gautam Joshi, promoted & founded Gautam Joshi & Co., Chartered Accountant, Baroda in 2009. With this beginning in Southern Gujarat, instincts are respected, dreams are lived, challenges are taken fierce fully and sleepless nights are spent in search of expertise. The show of better enterprising and leaving beautiful impressions in efforts to become better persons begins.

Gautam Joshi & Co. LLP became a partnership firm with an introduction of CA Sanjay Joshi on 24/07/2011 and the firm again went into reconstruction with an addition of two more partners CA Neil Ganatra and CA Chintan Shroff leading two more vibrant areas of the Central Gujarat at Ahmedabad and Bharuch respectively. Later, CA Ashish Trivedi joined the firm as a partner in 2015 and onward Apr 2018, started Gandhinagar Office of GJC..

On behalf of GJC, we convey our sincere thanks to ICAI and our fellow members who has provided us a legendary legacy, a solid foundation of cultural and ethics and a dynamic platform to perform as a professional.

We also thank all our critics for giving us an opportunity to improve. We are grateful to all our clients for their valuable support and feedback that is continuously driving us to deliver value. For more info and services, have a look here.

W.e.f. 01.07.2022, on CA Day, we have conceptualized and formed a network - G R A M P Network, taking our presence to the whole of Gujarat, West Bengal and Maharastra and we aim to go PAN India as a CA Firm and expand the services of CA Firm across India, as a network firm.

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